Lazy Plant Parenting

Read this if you are:

  • Someone who is fond of gardening, but is short of time.
  • You get in awe of seeing other’s gardens or plants.
  • You have a long desire of planting and want to start
  • You are someone who had planted but failed to maintain.

I am going to give you an absolute easy idea to start your plantation now.

“Gardening requires lots of water- most of it in the form of Perspiration.” – Lou Erickson

Have love for indoor plantation, but being a careless or negligent plant patent, it is quite tough to have a successful indoor plantation. Here’s the trick.. Select the plants that can be grown in a bottle filled with water. Problem Solved! There’s no soil to spill or worries about pets digging in my houseplants. Plus, there are fewer pests (no fungus gnats!). If you want to learn more about plants that grow in water, read on!

The gladness of planting in water

  • Plants that grow in water need less care. The biggest task is watering the out door plants and if you’re a neglectful waterer, or if you tend to over water your plants, growing plants in water is a low-care solution for you.
  • Less mess. The plant stands, windowsills, tables, and the countertop where one grow herbs under light always have bits of soil scattered around the pots. Cat or dog owners also know that our cute but naughty friends often like to dig in the soil of houseplants. Growing plants in water means no messy soil to wipe for regular care or pets. 
  • Fewer pests. Houseplant pests like fungus are incredibly annoying. They lay eggs in the soil of potted indoor plants with the larvae feeding on soil fungi. No soil, no problem!
  • Get MORE plants! Growing plants in water is an easy way to propagate indoor plants. Once clipped and placed in water, the stems of many tropical plants produce roots. It may take weeks or months but you can eventually transplant the rooted plants to a pot of soil or you can continue to enjoy them in water. 
  • Elegant displays. The love for the visual simplicity of displaying a few stems of indoor plants in vases, glasses, or other containers is soothing and fill oneself with good and positive vibes

DIY containers for growing plants

Three points are important in growing plants in water

  • A leak-proof water container
  • Clean or fresh water
  • This should be kept in mind – always there should be one node of stem kept inside water.

So now when we got to know all the good things about water plants let’s get to grow it. If you are thinking about buying a container, you can drop this thought!. For a moment look around in your house, you are surrounded by lots of container you just have to think differently.

Your tomato sauce or pickle glass bottle is empty, wash it. Do not throw the wine bottles after the party, keep it for growing plants. Work in chemistry lab, just bring some old test tube or any flask from there. Your round aquarium is broken or your pet fish left you, use the aquarium for growing. Fond of tender coconut water, just use the shell for growing plant. Bulb not working, just have to clean the stuffs inside and keep it for small plants.

3 Feng-shui plants that are grown in water

1. Money Plants are known to bring good luck and prosperity to the home. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but also spread positivity in a place.

Enrich yourself, not with money, but with money plant

It is called money plant because of its round, plumb, flat leaves a bit of imagination look like a coin.

According to Feng Shui, money plants should never be kept in the North-East direction. It leads to loss of money in the house and affects the health of the family members adversely. Ideally, a money plant should be kept in the southeast direction. As this is the direction of Lord Ganesha, it is known to bring health, peace, and prosperity. 

And as per my belief, if the money plant is stolen and planted, it grows well, but little weird but I do believe this.

Lucky Bamboo is one of those plants that require low maintenance, which is one of the prime reasons behind its popularity as an indoor plant.

“Destroy the man of wicked thoughts, Like a bamboo-tree with its fruit.” ~ Gautama Buddha

Another interesting fact about this plant lies in its ability to transform lives. Yes, by placing this plant in home and office often results in good fortune and prosperity in all spheres of life. But you must know the hidden meanings behind the number of stalks in a lucky bamboo plant

  • 1 Stalk -represents truth and commitment.
  • 2 Stalk: as per Chinese, all the good things come into life come in pair.
  • 3 Stalk represents the happiness. This can be given as a best birthday gift.
  • 5 Stalk represents the 5 elements of Nature- air, water, earth, fire and wood
  • 6 Stalks represents blessings
  • 7 Stalk represents a rainbow and can be the lucky number
  • 8 Stalks signifies wealth and joy
  • 9 Stalks: 9is called “God’s number” as per Indian’s Numerology.
  • 21 Stalks: This represents a harmony and success in the department of health, wealth, happiness, relationships, prosperity, and fortune.
  • 88 Stalks: The 88 Stalks of bamboo signifies doubling of joy.
  • 99 Stalks: This represents “doubling the long time” in relationships.
  • 289 Stalks: By bringing 289 stalks, you would find luck or good fortune come your way easily.
  • 888 Stalks: If you wish to be “three times wealthier”, bring this 888 stalks of bamboo.

Being a flower with a strong scent, the symbolism of the orchid is usually attributed to the sweet aroma that it releases into the air.

“Love is an orchid which thrives principally on hot air.” ~ Myrtle Reed

In Feng Shui, Orchid is a symbol of the superior man. Probably because one has to be so comfortable with himself that he has no qualms displaying the feminine side of him. After all, all yang will have some yin and vice-versa.

  • In general orchids represent perfection, natural beauty and love.
  • In feng shui practice, the orchid is most used to enhance family luck and fertility luck

The color of the orchid plays a vital role in determining it’s potency.

  • Violet orchids are said to be the most auspicious among the many varieties of the plant.
  • Pink orchids can help mend or maintain harmonious relationships as it ignites passion.
  • White orchids brings harmony to the household by filling the space with calm, clarity, innocence and peace.

When placed in the relationship corner of the house, or where the number 4 flying star is located, it can help singles get hitched by drawing romance luck.

With the above mentioned in mind, it is no wonder potted orchid plants are one of the most popular feng shui plants used as gifts to a loved one.

For more creative ideas, stay tuned. Also do share your perspective towards Lazy Plant Parenting.


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