DIY to Best from the Waste

Your home is the space to exhibit your creativity. It’s the place you relax and all you need to have a pleasant atmosphere with a relaxing vibe, a modern yet antique visuals and your small effort will contribute to create your visions into reality.

Take notes from these styling, examples, and shopping tips.

Throwing some broken piece or not utilising some of the waste, is ultimately leaving our creative side inside. I have compiled a list of the most inspiring ways to liven up your living room. Whether you decide to add a pop of pattern or set the scene with an eye-catching area rug, these DIY tips will create a stylish, comfortable living room you’ll actually want to live in by utilising your talent and some of the waste generated.

Glass Bottles

After every parties there are lots of empty bottles behind, Which will next day see the bottom of the Dustbin. Let’s change thie fortune. Grab some of oil paints and brush, and hereit goes

Old Monk Bottle, painted with Fabric and some of the oil paints. Glass paints will give shining texture. (Don’t mind the text on the bottle- It’s “HOPE HAS WINGS”

Earthen Pots

During Diwali, a simple earthen pot (diya) looks so beautiful. Every year we want to have new set of diyas to light on. What can be done with the old diyas!! Take out some fabric paints and brushes. Also those boring earthen flower pots can be painted.

Coldrink Plastic Bottles

When talking about drinking coldrinks, It sounds tasty. but we ignore the fact that the empty bottles are so non-biodegradable and thus dangerous for environment and animals too if we throw them. Why not use them!!

I got the Idea when I saw this at my friend’s hope. We all use garlics in our food, why not growing some green garlic in these bottles in an innovative way!

500 ml of Coca-Cola bottle filled with some fertile soil with some clove of garlic (scattered)

Shuttle Cock Cover

Fond of Badminton or Tennis? You must have purchased many shuttle cock or tennis balls, and both the items come with a cardbord cylindrical cover which can be used smartly, all you need is some fabric colours and brushes.

Card-board Painting- This can be used as Pen Stand, Makeup brush Stands and so on

Coconut Shell

Most of us like to drink tender coconut water. Sometimes we enjoy it at the beach or sometimes we bring it at home, relax and have it. After finishing it, most of us will throw she outer shell. We throw the brown coconut shell too. What can we do with the SHELL! All Green lovers, here’s the idea of planting small herbs inhalf broken shell or money plants in full shell with water. Lets see.

Hanging Pot

At home,while cleaning you will find many items that can always be useful in one or the other way. My friend once found some ropes and one broken glass container. Why not put some efforts and convert these items into beautifuk hanging planter. Use some paints to fill colours in the planter or just paste some cute prints on the pot. Hers’s the outsome!

A glass container, wrapped with a cue printout. Rope work tried in order to make this a hanging planter.

These were few Ideas and executions of my friends, seeing them enjoying their ideas made me write this blog. Hope you all liked it. Do comment your ideas.


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