We are every tiny thing about life that makes it huge.

From health & nutrition to lifestyle, from bachelorhood to motherhood, from pets love to self love, from being at home to crazy adventure lover and from traditional to rational.

In short, let’s explore life!!!

Meet us

Hi .. Namaste!!! I am Pallavi

I am born and raised in India and moved to USA after my marriage. Currently, I live in San Diego, California with my husband and my son. I am an engineer by profession. I love to play ping pong, badminton and spending time with my family.

Why I started this blog?

  • I felt that I have a habit to research about stuffs. You will find me reading and digging into something sitting on my couch.
  • When my son came into our life,I started researching about baby care and baby stuffs. But one fine day when me and my husband were trying to take a sneak back into our memories to recall precious memories we realized that “memories fade, only moments remain”. So, I wanted to capture memories too.
  • I follow a healthy vegetarian lifestyle which again I research a lot.
  • I find many similarities and differences between US and Indian lifestyle which I want to share.

In nutshell,I want to share my findings and easy tips and tricks related to lifestyle, babies etc. with you and Hence livingmyblogs ..Welcome!!!

Content Creator : Ritu

Jai Shiv Shambho
Hail Lord Shiva

Parents are visible God and God is invisible parent

I am Ritu and always keen to learn new things. My hometown is Chhattisgarh that is Central India. I work in Karnataka that is South India. And my in-laws place is Uttrakhand that is North India. So basically I am an Indian just waiting for the luck or opportunity to live in East and West India too.

The beauty of Love is staying together with the imperfections. I live with the King of my Heart who has filled my life with unspeakable joy and I am truly glad to have my man.

What made me to write blog

People love the captions written by me and this was my first step to write something. I started word jamming and expressing my thoughts on paper.It was Pallavi who motivated me to write blog and my work is appreciated by my love and my buddies.Truly said “If the life partner is the heart then the friends are the Central Nervous System of the body.”

So here I am, from my artistic approach towards life to my fascinating adventure stories.